Aquafitness Leader

We reinvent your way of going in for sport in for water

The Waterflex spirit


A premium range for the most demanding. This range combines design, power and technological innovation to serve your fitness.

Aquafitness Pool

The Fit’s Pool is an innovative self-supporting pool that can be easily dismantled, since it combines the simplicity of installation of a spa with aquafitness equipment: the aquabike.

Floating Mat

This floating mat is designed to allow all swimming pools to offer a new aquatic activity, without water depth constraint, and pond shape.

Aquafitness Leader

We reinvent your way of going in for sport in for water

About WaterFlex

Aquafitness is considered as the best way to regain the activity under water and stimulate powerful circulation in body.  If you love indulging in water sports to get the maximum fitness, then you need the best quality of fitness equipment that fits your budget and also gives a whole new meaning to your fitness goal. If you are looking for high quality swimming pool gym equipment in Hyderabad, the Waterflex should be your choice. A leading water fitness expert that deals with a range of Aquafitness gaming equipment, Waterflex is a game changer in the industry and continues to be the one. Whether you are running club fitness center, hotel, & spa, need for private purpose or educational purpose, WaterFlex, having tie-up with swimming pool manufacturers in Hyderabad will offer supply the best equipment.

Since its establishment, the company has manufactured a range of aquafitness products that are now ordered globally. Swimming pool gym equipment contractors now deal with Waterflex making it the leader in the industry. Today, the company deals with a range of products and each product has a number of features. This includes-

  • Aquabike
  • Aquafitness Training
  • Personal Fitness
  • Aquafitmat

The Spirit of Waterflex:

Established with the aim of offering innovation in the fitness regime, this young entity expanded rapidly with creativity and experience. The goal of the company is to offer a range of quality swimming gym equipment in Hyderabad through dealers completing the need of professionals. Moreover, our goal is to make the aquatic fitness training accessible to every professional. Waterflex works with the spirit and these are-

  • Offering high-performance products made with innovation
  • Focusing to be the best in the market
  • Modern features for easy aqua gyming
  • Offering great pleasure

Vision of the Quality:

Waterflex, since its establishment has firmly believed in offering quality and compatible range of products. Every product before going into the market undergoes numerous quality checks and special attention is given to the packaging section to ensure the delivery is safe and unharmed. All these are done under the supervision of professional manager to ensure quality remain intact. This has certainly made Waterflex the leading swimming pool manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Backed with the team of professionals who have in-depth technical skills and creativity, we add pleasure with safety. We know that performance and innovation both go hand-in-hand, which makes us the best in the industry.

Warranty of Genuine Products:

One of the major reasons what makes Waterflex the leading swimming pool gym equipment in Hyderabad provider is the long term warranty for every of its product offered. We ensure that the product we offer is guaranteed against the manufacturing defect for at least 3 years of period. The warranty is offered in all metal parts and 6 months for non-metal parts.

Aquabiking is for whom?

Aquabiking, one type of water fitness, is not limited to certain people of age, but is for all. Whatever your physical condition is, you can use our aquafitness product as per the speed and intensity required. So if you are among those who want to bring aquatic discipline adopted in the form of physiotherapy and baineotherapy clinics, then out aquafitness products are for you. Just buy our products and starting engaging in activities consisting of simply pedaling in water on a bike, and gain enough strength in your body.

Modules of WaterFlex:

Waterflex, one of the leaders in dealing with swimming pool gym accessories in Hyderabad, offer range of products consisting of modern features and system. Our products are designed to give a new age aquafitness gyming method to gain strength and give whole new experience to your body. Listed below are the modules we at Waterflex offer:

  • Aquabike
  • Aquafitness training
  • Personal Fitness
  • Accessories
  • Aquafit mat
  • Lift

To sell swimming pool gym accessories in Hyderabad, do connect with us and get the best dealing. If you are a dealer, here are 5 reasons why you must join us:

  1. Wide range of high-quality and innovative products with performance
  2. Working with dynamic team for quick delivery
  3. Guaranteeing customers for on-going follow-up with reliable and responsive aftersales
  4. Growing brand with professional team of experts
  5. Innovative sales tools available for selling