Above ground pools

Concrete above ground pools, wood appearance


Naturalis range of above ground pools is an innovative concept regarding above ground swimming pools developed by RPI. A Naturalis swimming pool is very easy to put in place and offers in a single product  the sturdiness of concrete with the outward look of wood. Admittedly an ecological product, the NATURALIS range stands out for  values that directed its creation: sustainability, durability and aesthetics.


Easy to install, without foundation or building permits requirements, your Naturalis swimming pool will be ready in just two days. Thanks to its installation guide its assembly is very fast. The swimming pool is provided with a step-by-step explaining model for a simple and quick mounting.

Our Naturalis brand offer above ground wooden appearance pools. The concept designed by RPI, Naturalis wooden pools is easy to install and has sturdy look. It is the finest examples of sustainability, durability, and aesthetics.

  • Natural Technique:

One of the best things about Naturalis is the easy to install process. It doesn’t require specific foundation or permit. Our experts working on this pool will complete the process within two days. Our experts will guide in building swimming pool through step-by-step video.

One of the reasons why Naturalis is revolutionary is because of the innovative concept. It has rust-resistant and least maintenance required. All of the above, it is economical in all sense.

Get the best swimming pools equipment in Hyderabad with Naturalis.