Inspired by international culture, innovation and technology, it is a continuation of customization and sophisticated forms. Every element is designed with an utmost sophistication approach and draw inspiration from global technology.


To protect their homes from burglars, people around the world have bars built into the window frame or outside made of iron and other metals.

But not everyone is comfortable with bars on their windows frames and would rather prefer something more protective of their homes. Here are the innovative designs to help you dress up windows in an elegant manner with the solutions of Invisible Grills



These grills are so thin that it will disappear from your sight at the 15m range, it appears like one has dropped a silky transparent veil over the house



With most buildings now being built to reach the sky, developers of high-rise commercial and residential developments promote the views as their major selling point-the higher the better.
But how extensively they have considered the safety issues remain a concern, especially when aesthetics and cost factor into the equation.

Basic safety measures is one thing, but the problem becomes more complicated when curious toddlers and the emotionally intoxicated are made part of the safety equation.

If you are looking into inching up toward the sky, you may want to consider a few things before moving into that new high-rise condo: Invisible Grill