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  • Heat Pumps (heating and cooling function):
    – MIDA.Boost Inverter Heat Pump
    – MIDA.Silver
    – MIDA.Black
    – MIDA.Shine
    – MIDA.Quick
    – MIDA.Public
  • Accessoires for Heat Pumps
  • Pool Dehumidifiers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Electric Heaters
Heat Pump MIDA.Boost
Heat Pump MIDA.Silver
Heat Pump MIDA.Black
Heat Pump MIDA.Public
Pool Dehumidifier MIDA.Air
Electric Heaters

What is the Heat Pumps?

To get the best bathing experience in your pool, you need to install the best heat pump that gives the right water temperature. Heat pump works best by moving heat from one place to another with the use of energy for performing tasks. Heating pumps are not just for heating indoor buildings, but also used for outdoor applications like swimming pools. If your swimming pool area facing high temperature making it difficult to bath, then installing heat pumps is the best options. If you are looking for heating pumps, then you must connect with the leading swimming pool heat pumps suppliers in Hyderabad.

The best thing about heat pumps is they have a longer lifespan compared to gas pool heaters. With the innovation taking place, heat pumps too are introduced with modern features. The heat pump from Midas Pool Products comes with Wi-Fi, which is something new you get to see. Many heat pump water heater suppliers in Hyderabad offer heat pump manufactured by Midas Pool Products.

When you are looking for swimming pool heat pumps in Hyderabad, there are few things you must consider:

  • Size:

There are different factors that affect the optimal size for heat pump heaters for pools. Some of this are-

  • Determining the swimming pool temperature
  • Determining the average temperature in the coldest month to use
  • Calculating pool surface area in square feet
  • Determining the amount of energy per output needed for the heater
  • Efficiency:

The efficiency of the heat pump is measured through Coefficient of Performance (COP) ranging from 3 to 7. Higher the COP value, more efficient would be the device.

  • Costs:

The cost of heat pumps may vary according to the features and size you are buying. You can compare the prices set by suppliers of heat pump water heater in Hyderabad.

Benefits of Heat Pumps:

Before you deal with hot water pump manufacturers in Hyderabad or heat pump, it is important that you know the benefits it offers. This will help you to buy the rift pool heater having modern features and offer set of benefits:

  • Energy Efficient-

One of the benefits of installing heat pump is the energy efficiency you get. Moreover, compared to gas heaters, heat pump are affordable in terms of cost. While gas heaters burn fuel, pool heat pumps harvest natural heat. The machine uses a small amount of electricity powering a fan and compressor that pulls in the hot air and later converting it into heat energy. This is the reason why heat pumps are high in demand from pool owners.

  • Cost-Effective:

Since it’s an energy efficient product, the cost of installing and using is also less. Heat pump manufacturers in Hyderabad offer such products with cost-effective features.

  • Eco-Friendly:

In many cases, heat production usually calls for combustion. This process eventually created environmental consequences. Pool heat pumps, on the other hand, don’t need to burn anything. With a minimum requirement of electricity, pool heat pumps harvest natural heat from the air. So, heat pumps for pool produces zero CO2 emission. This makes them eco-friendly.

  • Durability:

This is the next big benefit of heat pumps for pool you will find. When you invest in any product, you ensure that it stays for long term. In fact, pool heat pumps are known for their long-lasting pool heating. To get such long lasting durable product, you need to connect with hot water pump manufacturers in Hyderabad supplying durable machines. With occasional pool heat pump maintenance, you can increase its lifespan.

With Midas Pool Products carries a strong tie-up with swimming pool heat pumps suppliers in Hyderabad, buyers are in high-confidence of getting the top quality product under the best price.