FRP Pools



Our innovation is born out of our deep appreciation of the role water plays in our lives. We are water, it shapes us, it brings us together, it makes us alive. Swimming in water, refreshes us as much as it makes us supremely fit. With this inspiration in mind our research team invented People World pool the worlds first compact silent Power pool.


People World pools can fit into a compact room that needs very little water, zero maintenance, work silently, giving a real river like current that can be varied with endless fun and enjoyment with water.


16’ X 8’ X 4’ or 130 sq ft. Standard Room. Takes Little Priceless Real Estate! The pool structure uses FGI Australis’s Aquaguard Gelcoat technology for the surface finishing and People Wolrd Pools structure technology.


Self supporting advanced composite pool structure based on the drawings provided. The pool structure uses FGI Australis’s Aquaguard Gelcoat technology for the surface finishing and People Wolrd Pools structure technology. PWP LUXURY Pool Size 21 x 9 x 4 ft.


The PWP LUXURY SPEEDTRACK countercurrent swimming system will enable you to make more of your pool than ever before. Easy to install, these devices make it possible to have unlimited fun and swim for as long as you like in small pools. There are no more excuses for not exercising in the comfort of your home. . PWP LUXURY Pool Size 30 x 10 x 4 ft.


FRP Pools are a great investment for long term purpose.  FRP pools constructer in Hyderabad with years of experience would construct the best using top quality material.

What are FRP Pools?

FRP Pool is also known as the ready-made swimming pool made up of Fiberglass. This (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) is known for its unmatched corrosion resistance and thermal insulation feature. Moreover, the smooth surface keeps the finesses raw for long term, bringing down the maintenance effort. Due to its multiple benefits and features, swimming pool builders in Hyderabad are building these types of pools in both private and personal pools. FRP pools manufacturers in Hyderabad use modern tools to build the entire pool system. All these services are offered under low cost.

The entire FRP pools are made from high quality fiberglass raw material using ample wooden support. One of the key features of FRP pools is the smooth and good finishing. FRP pool designers in Hyderabad with years of experience will hardly take2-4 days for pool installation.

What makes FRP Pools user friendly?

FRP pools are strong in terms of body and structure. These pools can be fitted using products like filtration system, lighting system, disinfection system, counter current system etc. Moreover, such pools will look best in the backyard, basement, and terrace.

Some of the benefits of FRP pools are:

  • Simple Structure with Flexible Assembling:

FRP pools builders in Hyderabad build these pools under flexible assembling. There are two types of panels, floor panels and wall deck-side panels. Freedom of combination enables meeting broad range of requirement in pool size and slope

  • Safety-first design:

This design prevents unexpected water accident. This includes the non-slip embossing on starting blocks and overflows.

  • Smooth and Beautiful Surface:

The corrosion resistance helps the entire surface to remain smooth and beautiful for a long time. This benefits the owner in saving time and money. FRP pools manufacturers in Hyderabad design the pool and tools with innovation that complements the lives of the owners.

  • Looks Beautiful:

One of the best things about the FRP pools is they have a great finishing, complemented with ceramic tile, tanning ledges, water features, stunning pool lights, etc.

  • Fewer Chemicals:

Compared to other type of pools, FRP pools or the fiberglass pools carry less chemical products.

  • Little or No Lifetime Cost-

After installation, the owner will hardly face any maintenance cost for long term.

Types of FRP Pools:

There are three different types of FRP pools-

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Swimming Pools
  • Ceramic Core Reinforced Swimming Pools
  • Composite Armour Swimming Pools

When you contact FRP pools builders in Hyderabad for the designing and installation purpose, you must first understand what these type are and how different they are from each other’s? Let us check out these types:

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Swimming Pools:

Carbon fiber in relation to swimming pools is a reinforcement material used in the manufacturing of the composite fiberglass pools. Since Carbon fiver carries highest compressive strength resulting to high-stiffness and high tensile strength and high chemical resistance.

  • Composite Armour Swimming Pools:

Composite Armour consisting of layers carrying different materials like metals, plastics, ceramics, or air.  Using this in pool shell laminate benefits with greater improvement in flexural and tensile strength compared to traditionally constructed standard.

  • Ceramic Core Reinforced Swimming Pools

These pools are designed with an additional core layer of combined materials that consist of ceramics, silicates, polymers, and specific additives. This technology containing ceramic core offers structural strength and is more impact resistance.

Connect with the top swimming pool designers in Hyderabad offering the best FRP pools with top quality material.  This is certainly a one-time investment which will retain its quality for the long term.