• Central Vacuum System is the most convenient means of keeping your home, office & surroundings clean.
  • These systems are installed in homes by means of a network of pipes. Vacuum inlets are strategically located around the home which are connected to the central vacuum unit.
  • The main unit positioned in the garage area, utility room or dry area.
  • Our Central Vacuum Systems are efficient in picking up both solids and liquids effectively making your cleaning process a lot easier. Our most advanced wet machines automatically drain out dirty liquids, so that there is no need for human contact.
  • This cleaning process will not only leave the environment very clean but also dramatically improve the indoor air quality




Central Vacuum Systems have been repeatedly proven to be the most hygienic by many internationally recognized tests over the years. Our vacuums have the ability to deep clean, keeping your home allergy and dust free. Even bacteria, pollens and dust mites are effectively sucked out of the room and home by the machine and are thrown out. Indoor air quality will be improved dramatically.



Cleans any kind of mess in a jiffy. Our Models are versatile enough to clean solids, liquids, large or small messes. Clean up directly into your drain system with a unit that requires little or no maintenance. Also, optimal suction means you never have to vacuum the same place twice.



All of our products meet stringent commercial and industrial requirements, making us certified and reliable. Our components are designed by Dranivac Canada and ensure durability and quality. With our lifetime warranty on the casing, our residential products are guaranteed to provide satisfaction for years to come.  



You’ll soon see that central vacuum cleaner is a smart investment that adds value to your home. The system is practically maintenance free and requires little effort to use.  Not to mention the time and energy saved in cleaning. With Drainvac, simply plug the flexible hose into a wall inlet and go! 



High-quality soundproofing and a range of muffler options mean that our models always give you quiet operation. Some models function at as low as 56 decibels! Our systems are designed to be installed far from the main living areas of your home keeping your home noise and disturbance-free. 

Our range of vacuum systems
are specially designed for
harsh Indian
cleaning environments.