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Quality, naturalness and beauty, a mix of natural products cleverly

integrated with the best technologies, combining ethics and aesthetics:

All this is a Biodesign pool.



The pool is designed and made to measure by increasing its real value. There are endless configurations that respect the environment with a wonderful impact on the landscape.



Swimming areas, beaches, seating and submerged trails, fashioned in natural stone offer the best bathing experience. Diving in a natural pool is like diving into the sea.



Specialized installation teams from all over Italy and simple site management make installation possible in a very short time.

Bio-design, the best natural pools

When speaking about swimming pools, the mind runs immediately to the traditional “boxes” of reinforced concrete. Good for swimming maybe but not particularly aesthetically pleasing, creating difficulty for their integration into the surrounding environment. At least that was the situation until recently. Today Biodesign Pools or an alternative that radically changes this concept. The Company has been in operation for over 40 years as a market leader in the field of monumental fountains, artificial lakes, and biological wáter treatment systems. A leading productive reality, a guaranteed network of authorized installers in various countries qualified to realize our pools, and an in-house design studio and seasoned research and development department guarantee a high-quality result.

When we hear about swimming pools we get the traditional image of tiles with modern technology and reinforced concrete. It may look good visually and also offer luxury swimming experience, but creates di-culty for the integration into the surroundings. But as the times changing, people are switching over to the bio-design pools which is entirely new in terms of looks and experience. Moreover, it is much more pleasing to the environment. Professional swimming pool design company in Hyderabad like Piscine Bio Design has been designing such pools giving a whole new picture to the private and public swimming pools. Bio-design pools are becoming the best alternative to traditional ones and are highly accepted by the property owners.

But what makes Bio-design pool a masterpiece?

3 things that make these pools the best to choose for are-

  1. Completely personalized:

The entire pool is personalized with the aquatic environment, hydro massage seating and chaise lounges

  1. Eco-Friendly Technology:

Swimming pool designers in Hyderabad use modern technology that makes it more viable

  1. Stays for Long Term:

The design and the overall material of the bio-design pool remains for a long-term

3d swimming pool designers in Hyderabad ensure that every pool designed in the area meets the need of the environment and also the owner. Moreover, the entire 3D design upgrades your property value. Bio-design swimming pools are designed using an EPDM waterproof liner- a chemically stable material which is completely inert has no heavy metals and releases no harmful substances. In fact, Greenpeace too recommends EPDM as alternative PVC plastic. There are many proofs that represent how waterproofing technique is highly superior than traditional swimming pool. Piscine Bio-Design, being the leading western swimming pool designers in Hyderabad ensures that every pool designed under this category meets your need.

Why choose a bio design pools?

Bio-design pool structures carry specially formulated resins and quartz, and has greater mechanical strength compared to concrete ones. Moreover, they are great resistance to UV rays and chemicals. Some of the advantages of bio-design swimming pools are-

The entire swimming pool is designed keeping the personalized choice. This certainly increases the value of the same. You can select the design and structure as per the requirement.

Certified Structure:

Every aspect and tool of the pool is certified. This eliminates the weakness of old-style swimming pools and improves the performance of the materials.

Best Swimming Experience:

Swimming areas, submerged seating, and walkways modeled with natural stone offering the best bathing experience.

Environmental Friendly Construction:

We completely respect the environment, and so each of our work is technologically bounded. From products used to method, everything is environmental friendly. Some environmental benefits are-

  • Stability in the excavation due to sloping walls
  • It reduces weight of the excavated area. This is because the pool weighs less than the weight of the earth removed.
  • EPDM waterproofing connects with the ground and is chemically inert materials
  • Shorter construction time:

The best thing about bio-design pool is it takes less time for construction. This saves time and money.

Seasonal Nature:

Traditional pools have restricted seasonal time to use; like mostly in summers. For the rest of the year, they are covered with pool covers, ending up being green water. In bio-design pool, the patented structural paving in the beach area the water gets warmer. This helps in extending the bathing season and you can enjoy time spent on the pool. During winter season, these pools turn in natural lake, making it more inviting.

Piscine Bio-deign, one of the leading home swimming pool designers in Hyderabad, we ensure that you get the international standard service and you get the best pool. Using low environmental impact technology and innovative design, you get the right deal for long term pool investment.